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07 September 2015

Awkward Gym Moment


Oh man most awks thing ever. I was at the gym the other night and a girl working out next to me full on collapsed. So I grabbed her weights for her, asked if she was okay 2-3 times and offered to get her something or a first aid kit (I think I called it a medpack from years of gaming) and she just ignored everything I was saying so I was like okay no worries and continued training.

Turns out nothing is more awkward than training within a metre of someone just screaming "Fuck" over and over and moaning / yelling. I know that sounds really sexual but it was probably closer to what a lady giving birth would sound like. Not that I would know. It was like a more extreme version of that scene from Family Guy when Peter falls on the pavement after getting his Golden Ticket except I was living it. Eventually she called up someone and said she thought she broke her leg so I was like yep I’m out and packed up my gear and bolted.

There was nothing I could do in that situation. It’s weird how passionate people are about not talking to each other at gyms. Once you’ve asked if someone’s using a machine you want, that’s it. If you talk further you’re now disturbing that person and everyone around you. Someone had to take his left headphone out for this and if they’re listening to a loud song they are now in pain because of you. Get your shit together. Even if they break their leg, scream in pain and lay there immobile on the ground, it’s not cool bro. I bet in the back of her mind she was thinking “Look mate, I’m not using a machine you want, just fuck off”. Now that’s determination to uphold etiquette.

– Lonely Kids Club

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