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Our Sloth Family

Residing in sloth town, the sloths all share a house together where they live happily. While sloths are naturally lazy creatures, some of the sloth characters are definitely lazier than others. However, if they were asked about it, they’d simply explain perhaps they’ve just uncovered the key to being content.




The oldest sloth, Cecil is an accountant who likes to spend his spare time playing golf and sipping whiskey. He is woken up every day at 6am by his dog/best friend Dave but he doesn’t mind. They start every day with a long walk and then Cecil goes to work to support the other characters. Cecil recently quit his accounting job to become an astronaut and work on secret missions. He left sloth town mysteriously one day and hasn’t been seen since.



Cassie is similar to Cecil, and is a very organised and structured sloth. She believes in planning things out and while she sometimes gets anxious she’s very book-smart and hard working. She currently works in a very tedious office job but she plans on moving her way up to a better position soon. While Cassie comes across as very rigid, in her down time she lets loose at the local music festivals in Sloth Town and organises bushwalking adventures with the other sloths. Unfortunately for her Winston and Travis are usually too lazy for such things.



Travis is the youngest sloth and very hyperactive and high energy. The only sloth who’s into sports he enjoys heading to the local beaches outside Sloth Town to go surfing and often sneaks out of the house to hang out with friends who are unknown to the other sloths. Travis looks up to Winston a lot and while he’s the most active sloth he enjoys nothing more than spending a weekend under a blanket playing video games and eating junk food. Travis is currently focusing on studying to become a doctor but frequently changes his mind about what he wants to pursue with his life.



Winston is an easily distracted, messy creative who lives in organised chaos and is always starting new projects. His favourite hobby is playing fighting games with Travis and he likes to find interesting places to sit and draw or work on music. Winston gets a bit nervous around large crowds but when surrounded by close friends he comes out of his shell and becomes the loudest one in the group. Winston is also a world traveller, frequently leaving Sloth Town to explore a new place. He’s never lived outside of Sloth Town though.