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21 December 2015

xmas and carrots

Fark I’ve been so stressed out trying to sort stuff out for the brand next year to take things up a level. I think this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But I have some big plans to take things up a notch my baes. But anyway this is good this is the time for giving. The other day I gave a homeless guy those pre-sliced carrot sticks from Coles because I felt bad that everyone else was ignoring him. He was so surprised he didn’t really know how to reply. I guess no one’s given him sliced (and washed) carrots at any point in his life up until now. Anyway I dunno why I’m thinking about carrots but if you get baby carrots and a tub of hummus it’s really just the pinnacle of being a live human being. Or maybe that’s just a jewish thing. It can be my version of Christmas. Carrots and hummus for all the children. What a potentially bittersweet moment in their lives. But for real happy holidays everyone ily xoxo

– Lonely Kids Club

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