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30 November 2015

Failed Failr Performance


I did a launch party for my music project Failr the other night which was a bit of a nightmare. Seconds before starting the set (While already on stage) my drumpad broke so I had to play without it even though that was the basis of my whole set. What was worse was the whole time I was trying to fix it the crowd kept drunkenly chanting my name but I jumped in anyway with a midi-pad which was stressful but I got through it.

Then I finished and a girl came up and asked if I could play Taylor Swift. I explained I finished my set and I’m not a DJ so she said come on just play Bad Blood. It took so long to get her to go harass the DJ’s on the other side of the room instead (Sorry DJs) then I left around 3 and someone on the street yelled shit at me for not going to Stereo aha I almost walked over and lectured them about how that starts fights but I figured fuck it. Anyway the point it performing live music is hard so for anyone reading this that does it - made respect.



– Lonely Kids Club

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