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19 October 2015

Ad Breaks


When I was like 5 and my sister was 7, she told me it was illegal for ads to show more than 3 times in a one ad break. She said if it did they would go to jail. I can’t even begin to explain how much I just lost my shit over the idea of this. That’s what fascinated me as a child – knowing people would go to jail over poorly planned advertising and jumping for hours on a trampoline (Maybe both at the same time). So every ad break I’d be sitting there waiting for an ad to show a third time after it got showed twice thinking shit would go down, but it would never happen. This was, of course, total bullshit like half the stuff my sister used to say when we were kids.

I think I was only like 23 when I realized that this wasn’t a real thing. It came about because people kept talking about how they would play the ‘ad game’. I’d assume they too were looking for if an ad got shown 3 times but apparently it was based around guessing what product / service was being advertised first. Well yeah, I mean if you want to be all conventional about your ad games that works too. I guess. One day when LKC gets big enough all the fame will go to my head and I’ll demand the advertising execs let me play an ad three times during a break and when the police arrive to take me to jail for life I’ll smugly be on my trampoline knowing I did myself proud. Fuck yeah. This is who I am.


– Lonely Kids Club

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