Welcome to Lonely Kids Club

Lonely Kids Club is an independent clothing label that believes in the principle that clothing should be personal. Each range is a collaboration between Lonely Kids Club and an artist we like and everything is made in limited editions. We sell our goods through our own online store so we can produce the garments we want, when we want, without being steered in any particular direction or pushed into producing anything for monetary reasons. Additionally, it allows the label’s founder, Warwick, to mail every clothing order out with a personal message and unique drawing as our own little thank you for supporting the brand.

Our Tees

All our tees are printed by hand here in Sydney, and based on a comfy unisex fit, which has been perfected over the last few years. We use watercolour inks to keep the tees feeling soft, and use high quality tees that wont fade and wear out anytime soon. We try keeping the tees at an affordable price as we just want people to enjoy our clothes. However, we cut no costs in production and keep everything at the highest standard. No sweatshops are involved in any stage of making the tees.