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Velcro World Fruit Sticker Patch Set

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Product Details

In a time where we are consuming more goods than ever, we decided to try something innovative to allow people more design options and flexibility without the need to keep buying new clothing: Velcro World.

You can use this patch set to apply different patches  / designs to any of our velcro world base products which come with a velcro strip installed. Simply stick the patch onto the velcro strip to create a totally different vibe to your tee or cap! This set comes with three unique velcro backed patches.

One day I was buying a banana (or nani, as I call it) from a super market, and thought the fruit sticker on it was really cute, and that it would be amazing to do a series of designs inspired by them with their bold colours and distinct typography. But instead of fruit, make them all based around positive mental health messaging. We focused on positive messages to help encourage an optimistic mindset. Something you can stick onto your tee or cap when you’re feeling down, or even feeling happy and want to reflect this.

– Featuring three fully embroidered patches with velcro backing

– Overlocked sides

– Made in Sydney

– Designed in collaboration with Rachel Peck

–  Ethically produced products


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