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Trap Door Pocket Tee T-Shirt


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Product Details

You have no idea how excited I've been about these new printed LKC pocket tees.  With your help I picked out four TV Shows / memories that really get me pondering my childhood again and sewed them up onto snazzy T-shirt so you can wear your 90's nostalgia in the most subtle, best way possible. I even made the pockets come out a bit faded / low-res to match retro television vibes.

I didn't exactly fit in well as a child. I got bullied a lot, had crippling anxiety and found myself in a somewhat difficult family situation (Though I love them so much). In a weird way I feel like watching these TV shows was my escape that gave me a lot of positivity and really boosted my imagination and creativity. It got me drawing and thinking and in a lot of ways lead me to what I’m doing now. Also people still comment on my American sounding accent to this day which I attribute to how much TV I'd watch growing up. No regrets m8.

Berk! Feed me!

Limited Edition of 45. We mean it.

All T-shirts are produced sweatshop free, each pocket is hand-sewn in Melbourne and each tee is 100% cotton and pre-shrunk.

Warwick is 6 foot and wearing a large, Miki is 5 foot 7 and wearing a small.

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