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Snoopy Jacket

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Concepted, designed, cut & sewn in our sewing studio in Sydney. Limited edition of 22.

After the success of the Mondays jacket we decided it was time for a new premium worker jacket. So we got our hands on two different vintage Snoopy items: A set of badges from 1972, and a set of fabrics from 1978. Both had to be shipped into Australia from collectors.

This is our most detailed jacket to date. We had to handcut, sew and glue Snoopy patches onto the jacket panels prior to sewing the jacket together. This included placing three separate back patches of Snoopy in a hot air balloon with other characters, a small front Snoopy badge and a shoulder Woodstock patch.

To give this jacket the perfect feel, we also had to seek out to get our hands on a vintage faded navy drill, as well as shipping in a vintage weathered pleather (We don’t use animal skins in our products) for the top collar to really contrast and make the jacket pop out as a compliment magnet. Finally, we added a full ultra soft rayon lining (Including in the front pockets) and our signature antique buttons.

We can never remake these jacket, due to all the vintage and rare components. Additionally, we could only make 22 jackets total.

Jordan is 5 foot 10 and wearing a size medium, Anna is 5 foot 7 and wearing size small.



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