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Sloth Space Life Rain Jacket

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The final ever sloth in space product to finish the set. We’re releasing it as a practical lightweight 100% waterproof rain jacket. Plus, one of the sloths has popped out of the fabric and is also the zipper the jacket! Meta!

The Sloths In Space design is our most iconic LKC fabric, and we are stoked that we get to finish it’s run on a an ethically made rain jacket. To celebrate, we dubbed it a new name, the Sloth Space Life Rain Jacket.

They’re lightweight so easy to pack away and bust out when needed, fully waterproof, and a relaxed baggy fit. Funky but functional. It can cover you in a jacket, while wearing a backpack or just slip on over whatever you’re currently wearing. We spent a long time working on the way it fits so it’s a chill relaxed fit that works well on all body shapes. Each jacket has two inside pockets to keep you warm, a hood and metal zip enclosure.

This one is limited edition, and your last chance for Sloths In Space fabric.

Toby is 5 foot 10 and wearing size Medium-Large, Alecia is 5 foot 9 and wearing size Medium-Large.



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