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Sloth Pack


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NOTE: due to depleted stock, orders will receive an Essentials range shirt (Do It Tomorrow / It’s Okay) with their pack.

We’re finally bringing back everyone’s favourite LKC tradition – Sloth Packs. Sloth packs are where we do bundles of LKC goods but at a fraction of the cost of buying the products separately. We’re stepping the concept up a notch with this one. You get one of the new OG Sloth Pocket Tees, A new pair of LKC Socks and one of our new mental health patches all for less than $50.

The OG Sloth Pocket Tee, LKC Socks and Mental Health Patch are all chosen at random, but they’re all amazing. You’ll be right.

The perfect gift to yourself, or to someone real special. You are special too though, so the choice is yours. ;)


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