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Sloth Forest Reversible Jacket

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I had the most ambitious idea ever of trying to make a completely and truly reversible jacket using our most expensive textile design and so I worked on some ideas and had some samples made. The end result was so much better than I ever could have expected, and I committed to a full production run the same day the sample arrived.

We worked with a high profile textile artist (the kind we can’t usually afford!) for the sloth forest design. It was an ambitious design that started off as sketches of a few different sloths and plants, and then was hand painted with watercolours and finally digitised with some dynamic shadowing effects. The end result is a really cool almost 3D looking sloth forest design. For the jacket, we had to completely digital print the design on special technical material which allows the design to really stand out.

The inside of the jacket is black, which is cool, because the sloth forest side is darkened but not fully black, so when worn you can really see the contrast between the two sides. But the really cool thing about this jacket is that it’s fully reversible – flip this bad boy inside out and you can go from party sloth to smart casual in a matter of seconds. Both sides have front pockets, and there’s no size label on the neck of the jacket so you don’t even have to worry about cutting it off. The zipper even completely flips over. We pulled out all the stops.

The Sloth Forest Jacket is made from a thick, 100% waterproof material for added snugness and protection from wind, water and rain. It’s also double layered in a technical poly / nylon blend that has a very premium look and feel. Did we mention it also has a hood? Because it has a hood!

Travis is 6 foot and wearing a size large, Laneikka is 5 foot 7 and wearing size small.


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