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Sloth Forest Jumper

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We took a pretty big risk and decided to work with a high profile textile artist (the kind we can’t usually afford!) for the sloth forest design. It was an ambitious decision but the finished product really makes us feel like it was worth it and we’re super proud of it.

It started off as sketches of a few different sloths and plants, and then it was hand painted with watercolours and finally digitised with some dynamic shadowing effects going on in the background giving it a really cool almost 3D effect. We framed the jumper in contrasting black ribbing just for a lil’ extra pizazz. Travis nicked one from the shoot and wouldn’t stop messaging me about all the compliments he was getting when he wore it later that same night.

It’s digitally printed and a super soft poly/cotton blend for maximum comfort, and mid weight in feel. Really easy to wear in outfits and also warm and comfy for your new staple winter jumper.

Travis is 6 foot and wearing a size large, Laneikka is 5 foot 7 and wearing size small.


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