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Sleepy Sloth Beanie (Dark Green)


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We made new beanies that say “I’ll Do It Tomorrow” with a sleepy Cecil tucked under the front cuff. It’s a statement piece. Now you can show your procrastination tendencies with sloth embroidery.

You can tuck Cecil in under the front hem to stay warm while your head stays warm too. It’ll also enable you to make your feelings towards tasks you had for the day known to others around you. This time around we made the beanies in black, dark green, red and pink.

The beanies are a tight knit, 100% acrylic, and made so one size fits all. They’re super comfy and perfect to help get you out of the house on a cold winters morning. No guarantee they’ll be enough to get you to the gym though. You can do that tomorrow.

Beanies being worn by Toby and Alecia.


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