Once upon a time, people used to go to specialized garment makers to have attires produced for them to wear. 

It was a personal experience where clothing was made specifically for the person, but fast forward a few hundred years and this experience has changed somewhat ...

We started mass producing goods so we could sell faster to more people.

Then we realized we could mass produce these goods a lot cheaper in third world countries at the detriment of people’s safety.

Next we realized we could make more money if we invested less in clothing, and more in marketing, public relations and other corporate costs.

Today, it’s reached the point where brands ship pre-made goods without any involvement in the design or creative process, and simply market and sell these products as a middle-man. 

We’ve lost touch with what clothing should be, and what it can be.

At Lonely Kids Club we not only design, draft and concept all our goods in Sydney, we make all our goods in Sydney.

No mass production, no third world exploitation, no additional costs. You just pay for quality goods handmade in Sydney delivered to your door.


It’s what we believe in, and it’s what it should be.