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Mobile Mental Health Positive Patch

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Product Details

LKC ESSENTIALS RANGE & MENTAL HEALTH POSITIVE – This product promotes positive messaging around mental health.

Mental Health is something that’s been close to my heart from a young age. I had extreme anxiety as a child and just assumed that’s what everyone went through and felt all the time. It was only when I grew up and talked about it that I realised it was just me. My in-house artist Grack has similar issues with mental health.

So we decided to do something about it and design a series of patches with positive messages that help spread mental health awareness and try break that taboo just a little bit. It should be okay to talk about how we’re feeling. And we shouldn’t be looked down on for not feeling okay.

They’re made in Sydney, 75mm diameter, woven patches with overlocked edges and have special backing so they can be ironed on for those who don’t like sewing. DIY Sewing is fun though!


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