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Louie Maple Tee (Sage)


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I decided that it was about time we had an official Louie shirt, and Grack was more than eager to help me on it (she calls Louie her nephew). It was a long design process because Grack kept insisting on more photos of Louie to finish the design. Turns out, she was just baiting me into sending more photos of Louie because she thinks he’s cute.

Grack used an art style inspired by traditional ink paintings and drafted the whole design with an ink brush. She studies fine arts and loves to talk about what she’s learning so I thought it would be a fun opportunity to bring a different kind of style into the design. She even worked on it in her art studio classes in Melbourne.

We stripped the design down to two colours, your basic white and black, which really push out the line work and ink brush tones. We made this a small pocket sized print and contrasted it against some muted tee colours such as tan, army green, sage and pale pink. Despite the small print size, it stands out so strongly and really makes for a nice easy to wear tee.

We kept our standard tees for tan and green, but for the sage and pink, we made new women’s fit tee called the Maple tee. Although it’s still completely unisex, it’s a response to the people who have been messaging about shorter fitting t-shirts that also better accommodate bust and hips. We got you, fam.

All tees are 100% ultra soft cotton, sourced ethically, and screen pulled by hand here in Sydney.

Travis is 6 foot and wearing size XL, Laneikka is 5 foot 7 and wearing size small.