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Lost Tote (Beige)


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It took me over seven years but I finally felt ready to put my own drawings onto products. I did all the drawings in the space of one month when I was going through a lot of highs and lows for various reasons, so all the drawings reflect strong feelings that hopefully you can relate to and enjoy. We kept them all a bit rough and screen pulled them extra times to make the prints really bold and pop and help extend that drawn feel.

I made a tote bag that says lost on one side, and not lost on the other. So depending on you current situation in your life / travels you can flip it to reflect how you’re feeling. I’m so inconsistent with myself that I change my mind on if I think I’m lost or not daily. It’s something I’m still trying to figure out but at least we now have a tote bag to reflect this.

100% canvas bag printed in white on black and black on plain canvas. Made to be lightweight and easily packable for use in super market shopping and general tote bag use.

Sourced ethically, and screen pulled by hand here in Sydney.

Travis is 6 foot and Hayley is 5 foot 7