Lonely Kids Club is really just one big family, we all look after each other and it’s that support that keeps the brand alive. I’ve always wanted to give back though. It’s with this in mind I’m so stoked to have finally set accounts up on the site. Using the “sign-up” button on the top right of the website, you can create an account which allows you to earn points for all your purchases (You can later use those points to get discounts / free gear on later purchases), get access to exclusive new products, and get early notice about sales as well as other cool features I’ve got planned for the near future. Also unlike other brands you can literally use your reward point whenever you want with no minimum. Cos I’m good like that.

It’s really just my way of saying, thanks for supporting the brand. It means a lot that I get to do this.

So sign up, earn points, and welcome to the family.

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<3 Cecil, Winston & Cassie.