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Little Black Cat Dress T-Shirt (Five Year Edition)

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For the five year celebration range I picked out some of my all time favourite items from the last 5 years and re-branded them for the range. As the label has grown, the audience has grown with it and I hope this allows some people who missed out the first time the opportunity to snap up some of my favourite releases from over the years. All the 5 year products are strictly limited edition, and it'll be your last chance to nab these goods.

The Cat Dress was originally released in 2012.

Oh snap. Dresses anyone? Minimal animal prints inspired by the concept of forests after dark. I'm picturing a rainforest with the moon shining down on it brightly as animals scurry along to get to sleep and avoid being eaten or whatever. It's a hard life.

The dresses are a little more fitted then the tees, so I added an XS option. I've had a lot of female friends try them on and they've been a perfect fit on everyone in their standard size. The stunning girl pictured, Miki, is a size extra small and 5 foot 8. She's not available.

“Take my hand, let's disappear into the night.”

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