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I Am Me Long Sleeve (Tan)


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MENTAL HEALTH POSITIVE – This product promotes positive messaging around mental health.

It took me twenty five years to be happy with who I am, but in that time I figured myself out so it’s okay. I wanted to express that feeling in a drawing, because you should always be yourself, and not resentful about who you are.

This is a really special moment for me because in the 7+ years I’ve been running the brand, and the thousands of drawings I’ve done and given out with orders, this is the first drawing I’ve ever printed onto a product. I never meant for the drawing to end up on a long-sleeve, I just wanted to draw to convey my feelings. But I love that about this. After I scanned it and mocked it up onto a tan and pale pink long-sleeve, I just fell in love with how they looked, it’s a perfect display of the ethos of the brand so I decided it was time to finally let people wear one of my drawings.

We screen printed them in black to keep the hand-drawn vibe and chose to go with pale pink and tan coloured long-sleeves. I’ve been vibing these colours so hard. Perfect colours, and a custom drawn design by your boy Warwick. Boom.

This is a premium long sleeve featuring heavyweight 200GSM cotton, cuffs on the sleeves and split detail on the hem with a drop on the back. Because if you’re going to go all out on a long sleeve you have to do it properly.

The long sleeves are produced sweatshop free, printed by hand in Sydney, 100% cotton and pre-shrunk. We only made 10 per size for the first batch, so once those sell out it’ll take awhile to replace.

Toby is 5 foot 10 and wearing a medium, Alecia is 5 foot 9 and wearing a small.

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