Lonely Kids Club is one of the last remaining clothing labels within Australia that hand makes many of its clothes right here in Melbourne, and offers the most personal experience available online, or in retail. We believe that online shopping should be the best experience possible, so we go out of way both in producing the products, and in sending the products, to leave you feeling as satisfied as possible with your new purchase.


Here’s a little bit of info about the Lonely Kids Club experience, with bonus added cat faces for good measure:

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All our jackets, shorts, button-up shirts and even backpacks are hand-sewn with minimal use of machinery by a trained couture in Melbourne. Each item is also made on order. This is how the craft of clothing construction initially operated. We like to think there’s something more satisfying about having your clothes produced by hand here rather than by forced labour within a sweatshop in a developing country. When you invest in a cut-and-sew product from Lonely Kids Club, you’re simply paying for the quality materials, and the time it takes to hand make that product exclusively for you. You’re not paying additional for retail space, public relations teams or residual income for faceless investors.


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All of our T-shirts are ethically sourced in a sweatshop-free environment, and individually screenprinted by hand, also here in Sydney. This adds a personal touch to our clothing, as each T-shirt is hand-pressed for the buyer. In the case of our pocket tees, these are handsewn. We also restrict the run of all our T-shirts, jumpers, and other printed products. When you purchase something from Lonely Kids Club, you can know that at any given point, there can never be more than 44 other people wearing that item. However, if you do bump into someone also wearing something from Lonely Kids Club, we advise that you hug each other. Then send us the photo. We’ll put it up on the blog.


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Lastly, the label’s founder, Warwick, writes a personal hand-written note and drawing to accompany every order made from the website. We feel this has become a big part of the entire experience, and makes that warm and fuzzy feeling you get when your parcel arrives that little bit better. Additionally, we always have other little things such as temporary tattoos, or stickers which we add to each parcel. Also sometimes we throw in random things we have laying around such as Goosebumps books or free sample gear. You’ll have to try your luck.

So in purchasing from Lonely Kids Club, you’re participating in a personal experience in which someone produces a specific product for you by hand, no sweatshops are ever involved, and you can look forward to receiving your own personal note and drawing with your order. Best of all you’re supporting one person who genuinely believes in creativity and pursuing this dream.

Go on, you know you want to give it a try.

Lonely Kids Club – Making Clothing Personal Again