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Friendlyjordies Face Tee T-Shirt

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The collab series is back with volume 3.

I got behind these guys when they first started producing Youtube videos and started sending them stuff just because I believed in what they were saying and still do. I never actually asked them to feature any of my stuff but they did anyway just because they’re good guys and they talk about things we need to talk about. if you haven’t heard of them check out their Youtube channel ASAP.

Anyway fast forward a few years and here we are now making clothes together. This is the first T-shirt that actually brands Friendlyjordies but makes it look like it’s some sort of urban sneaker brand that expanded in athletic wear. If anyone asks you what Friendlyjordies is be sure to tell them that. We also used premium inks on this one and a premium tee so it looks top notch in person.

Each tee sweatshop free, uses a premium pre-shrunk 100% cotton tee and printed by hand in Sydney.

The genius of Friendlyjordies with the quality and premium production of Lonely Kids Club.

This is the dream guys. Limited edition of 45.

I dunno how tall Jordan is. I think about 5 foot 10? He’s wearing size medium.

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