How long have you been running as a business?

We launched in March, 2011, selling T-shirts out of a bedroom. We have since expanded into a full clothing brand and now operate out of a flagship store.

Do you do any charity work?

Yes, we have raised money for mental health organisations, community radio stations, pet rescue services, and we are constantly supporting various student organisations. We are always trying to do what we can to give some good back to the world.

What do I do if I’m having issues with Payment at Checkout?

Just shoot me an email when you can and I will sort you out individually. My details can be found on the Contact page and I take the time to make sure everyone is properly looked after. Unfortunately payment gateway glitches are beyond our control, but we’re always happy to take the time to make each transaction individually. If you are encountering a bug, make sure it isn’t because you’re trying to order something which is out of order by trying the order again in another size.

Do you do international shipping?

Yes we ship internationally via DHL Courier service, from Sydney, Australia.

Do you still send a personal drawing with every order?

Yes. We spend hours every week smashing out new drawings to mail with orders. Sometimes we run out, but we try make sure we always have drawings ready!

I’m ordering someone something as a present, can you make it look snazzy?

Of course. I can do a special drawing, write a card, wrap it up etc. Whatever you’d like. Free of charge too! Just let us know in the order-notes at checkout.

Do you take special requests for products?

Yes, just hit me up with an email about what you would like and I’ll come up with something for you. I call these orders “bespoke”. In the past I’ve made shorts, skirts, jumpers, tees, and even long-sleeve button up shirts for people.

My product arrived and I would like a different size, what do I do?

Simply shoot the product back to our flagship store with a note and we’ll mail you a new size for free.

I’d like a full refund for the product!

Yeah, sure thing. We now allow a full 60 days to shoot it back to us in the same condition it was received for a full refund. If you’re a bit late that’s no big deal though, we aren’t punctual.

I have received the wrong item! I’m saddened by this!

Aw sorry man. We mail everything ourselves sand sometimes make mistakes. Just email us and let us know.

Where is the label based?

We are based in the suburb St Leonards in Sydney, Australia.