If a product I like is sold out can you re-print one for me as a one off?

No, that would be unfair to everyone who paid for the product when it was available. However, sometimes I re-print designs on different mediums if I think it’s appropriate to create a new meaning. Usually if you just email me I’ll take the time to sort out something special and unique for you though.

What do I do if I’m having issues with Paypal?

Just shoot me an email when you can and I will sort you out individually. My details can be found on the Contact page and I take the time to make sure everyone is properly looked after. Unfortunately Paypal glitches are beyond our control, but we’re always happy to take the time to make each transaction individually. If you are encountering a bug, make sure it isn’t because you’re trying to order something which is out of order by trying the order again in another size.

I’m ordering someone something as a present, can you make it look snazzy?

Of course. I can do a special drawing, write a card, wrap it up etc. Whatever you’d like. Free of charge too!

Do you do international shipping?

Yes we do, but everything is sent from Sydney, so can take longer to reach places far away.

Do you take special requests for products?

Yes, just hit me up with an email about what you would like and I’ll come up with something for you. I call these orders “bespoke”. In the past I’ve made shorts, skirts, jumpers, tees, and even long-sleeve button up shirts for people.

My product arrived and I would like a different size, what do I do?

Simply shoot me an email and I’ll get the right size to you.

I’d like a full refund for the product!

Yeah, sure thing. Just shoot it back to me in the same condition it was received and I’ll give you a full refund. I just want everyone to be happy.

The shirt arrived damaged! I’m saddened by this!

Aw sorry man. Sometimes they have little holes and things. Just hit me up about it and I’ll have a new one to you as soon as possible. This has only happened like twice in the past though.

Where is the label based?

Sydney, Australia.

We would like to stock your products, would you be interested?

While we aren’t looking to stock in many stores, we are open to requests so send an email our way and someone will get back to you as soon as possible.