What do I do if I’m having issues with Paypal and eWay?

Simply send an email via the “Contact” page when able and you will be personally responded to and looked after. Unfortunately Paypal glitches are beyond our control, but we’re always happy to take the time to make sure everything is okay and you’re being looked after. If you are encountering a bug, make sure it isn’t because you’re trying to order something which is out of order by trying the order again in another size.

What currency are all the products / prices?

As we are a Sydney based label, all our products are listed in the currency in the Australian Dollar.

Do you do international shipping?

Unfortunately we can no longer do international shipping. We don’t have quantities high enough to get a contract / lowered rate and no longer have the resources to quote and sort out each international order individually. While I was trying to keep this possible, I was just losing too much money on the orders due to Australia Post and their current system for sending our such orders. Sorry about that. It is something we plan to offer again soon in the future though.

How long does postage take?

The average turnaround on shipping is 2 weeks. During more intense periods such as new releases it might get closer to three. This is because we’re a small label and we handmake most of the clothes on order for you. This a more personal method of creating clothes but as a result can be more time consuming. The average industry turnaround on made to order goods is two weeks, so it can be a three week wait for some of these items during peak times. It’s also worth noting that Lonely Kids Club is run solely by one person as a passion project, so shipping can be slower than other websites with greater resources. However, your item arrives with your own personal note, drawing, and free stickers, so we feel as though it’s worth the wait.

Can I contact you showing my designs for potential collaboration?

Of course. The time will be taken to observe your portfolio and past work, and if it matches something we are looking for, we will contact you about working together. Unfortunately we don’t have the time to respond to every portfolio we receive, but we do make sure each one is checked out and should we be interested in the future, we will keep your work on hand. We should point out that we generally plan our artists significantly in advance, though.

Why aren’t the clothes seperated by men’s and women’s categories like other sites?

Lonely Kids Club is a supporter of gender diversity & equality, and makes clothes for anyone to wear of any age or gender identity. It’s a safe space and we believe people should wear the clothes that they want to express themselves with. Not the clothes that are supposed to define their gender on a conventional level. We don’t feel the need to label anything to a specifc gender, this just leads to gender stereotypes. For all intents and purposes, all items on the site are unisex, and Lonely Kids Club proudly supports the idea that we as people should just dress in what makes us feel good without judgement.

My product arrived and I would like a different size, what do I do?

Simply email us and an exchange for the right size will be organised immediately.

Will you be stocking this sold out item again?

Most likely not. Everything the brand releases is limited edition, so once they’re gone they’re gone for good. This keeps things more unique and personal in a world otherwise filled with mass produced goods. You are an individual person and derserve to be treated that way. That being said, we do release staple products over the duration of seasons such as our Cecil jumpers.

Where is the label based?

Sydney, Australia.

Is Lonely Kids Club a big company?

No, it’s literally just one guy who does it because he loves it. He works with printers and sewers but that’s it. It is a completely independent clothing label that is self-funded and operates for the purpose of expressing creativity and for the passion of making amazing clothing in Australia. There’s no businessmen behind the scenes pushing it into unethical practice or to cut corners. That being said, I did wear a tie one time.

Can you make me a one-off garment?

Although we are small right now it’s getting incredibly hard to take on those sorts of orders as we don’t have the production capacity. We are looking into getting a bespoke service organised at some point in the future.