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Donuts Jacket (Black)

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Back in late 2016 when Grackky first started working with us and we were making the first sock pack, we did a lot of bonding over the things we had in common. One of the biggest things we discovered we had in common was being shit at sticking to diets and totally loving donuts. After the sock pack came out, and you guys loved them as much as we did, we knew we could turn our mutual love of donuts into something really cool.

So we took a draft of a half-bitten donut and made it a small outside print, then got the repeating pattern of the colourful cartoon looking donuts from the socks, and made it a repeating pattern throughout the entire lining of the jacket. I really felt like this jacket captures my desire to always be eating donuts. The jacket encapsulates a feeling I once had of being stuck in the rain under an umbrella with a warm donut in my hand. I was content.

We sourced a lovely thick and waxy material to use as the outer shell for a classic rain jacket look as well as functionality – the donut jacket is completely waterproof. We also have the jacket a contrast drawstring for the perfect quirky finishing touch.

Something about the way the cartoon donut lining contrasts with the smart waxy look of the jacket just makes me feel good about myself. I’m so happy with how this one turned out.

Travis is 6 foot and wearing a size large, Laneikka is 5 foot 7 and wearing size small.


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