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Since 2011 Lonely Kids Club have been designing and releasing funny T-shirts based on jokes we like, dank memes or general internet culture we align with. For this reason, we are proud to present one of the best collections of funny tees / T-shirts on the internet. Just like Nonna used to make, depending on if your Italian grandmother was an internet god.

Want to know more about who we are? We’re just a bunch of devilishly charming creatives who have an unhealthy obsession with Brendan Fraser, vintage cartoons and puppies. Not necessarily in that order though. Aside from our oustanding talent in liking good things, the talent doesn’t stop there…

Here’s How We Put Together Really Funny T-Shirts

Basically, we spend all our time on the internet. It’s not that we don't like going outside, we just prefer connecting with people digitally. Or via morse code depending on how many coffee's we've had. Sorry I should tap out on that one. I swear we're usually more funny.

The owner of the brand, Warwick, spends every waking moment trying to think of new funny T-shirt concepts. Or over-eating. We also have an in-house designer whose sole job is to try to think of comical, quirky, funny and cheeky shirt designs.

But our whole team all contribute ideas all the time, and we are always open to ideas from others. Especially in our Lonely Kids Club Club Facebook Group, who have submitted some of the best and most cheeky designs on our website. We're also suckers for popular culture references that we'll blend into a new T-shirt concept whenever we can.

Keeping up? Humour and Lonely Kids Club go together like Brendan Fraser and hunting Mummy's. Or us and watching The Mummy. Have we mentioned how much we love the hit 1999 adventure film The Mummy starring brendan Fraser and Racheal Weisz? We actually have a T-shirt for that...

So we heard you guys like memes...

You know we actually created a viral meme not that long ago! We came up with the Facebook Emojis and swapped the Wow Emoji to Owen Wilson's face. We soon learned that you lose control of these things and before we knew it the meme was being featured on Lad Bible crediting some other creator we'd never heard of. Meanwhile our Meme Tee was sitting on zero sales. We learned the hard way it's all about focusing on incorporating the memes in clever ways onto T-shirts and creating a wearable design. This is more important than simply trying to go viral.

Ever since then we've worked very hard on putting together classic easy to wear T-shirt designs that incorporate meme culture but in our own unique way. It isn't worth crying over spilled milk.

The Best Stockpile of Funny Shirts on the Internet

Sorry I feel like I'm getting a bit repetitive here (Almost like I'm adding more words in hope of improving our visibility on internet search results or something) , but I'm hoping much like someone climbing a pyramid, we can get to the point. To put this in a TL DR format: We have extremely talented designers and illustrators and a proven formula we've developed over ten years. With both these factors combined, we are like Captain Planet smashing out funny, clever and hilarious tee designs.

What would be the point if they weren't nice to wear though? We print each design ourselves on high quality, ethically sourced garments and have absolutely no clothing wastage because we're basically hippies. We don't think we need to allow environmental impact get in the way of a good laugh so we are completely carbon neutral, use biodegradable packaging, no plastic, and even recycle our leftover ink. There ain't no planet B! That part isn't a joke, we're just extremely passionate about sustainable fashion.

Gender Neutral Shirts, Anyone can wear, Shipped Globally

To vaguely quote Liam Neeson in the move, "Taken", I don't know what T-shirt you want. If you are looking for ransom, I can tell you I don't have money, just funny T-shirts. But what I do have are a very particular set of T-shirts, funny T-shirts I have acquired over a very long career, memes that make me a nightmare for your credit card and Afterpay account. If you buy my shirts now, that'll be the end of it.

We do ship anywhere in the world though! We use Australia Post for Australia and New Zealand, or DHL Express for the rest of the world which is the fastest, most reliable international courier service available on the market! Because we care.

Lonely Kids Club, Creative T-Shirt Makers to Give You a Smile Whether You Like It Or Not

Hopefully you like it though. Whether you're wanting to snap up a nice present for your long lost cousin or to just treat yourself (You deserve it!), we’ve got the perfect hilarious shirt you've been looking for. Find a funny graphic tee that makes you laugh and get ordering. Otherwise we can't afford to eat, and no one wants that on their conscience. Or do you?


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