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Boyfriend Hoodie (Black)

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It took me over seven years but I finally felt ready to put my own drawings onto products. I did all the drawings in the space of one month when I was going through a lot of highs and lows for various reasons, so all the drawings reflect strong feelings that hopefully you can relate to and enjoy. We kept them all a bit rough and screen pulled them extra times to make the prints really bold and pop and help extend that drawn feel.

When I was 20 I got my heart broken for the first time and I spent the rest of the year trying to do creative things like sing and play guitar to deal with it. I was terrible. I then spent the entirety of my early 20’s trying to be someone’s boyfriend, or find a girlfriend, and made being single such a core part of my identity (This was where the name Lonely Kids Club came from) that it was only when I freed myself of this and started trying to just be myself that everything fell into place.

We got a really nice soft and sleek new hoodie to work with, and printed in a pale pastel pink which gives the product the exact vibe I was going for.

All hoodies are an ultra soft cotton / polyester blend , sourced ethically, and screen pulled by hand here in Sydney.

NOTE: There’s no Large’s for some reason, but as you can see jumping up to size XL doesn’t really make a whole lot of difference.

Travis is 6 foot and wears size XL, Hayley is 5 foot 7 and wears size small.