I still find myself thinking about Louie a lot. I’m trying to stay productive through the feels. This has resulted in an increased artwork output of Louie themed designs. Art can be so therapeutic. I’ve been posting a lot of it on FB and Insta lately because it’s nice to share and I don’t think […]


  I hate sports. Anything that forces me to use any sort of coordination or athleticism brings back terrifying memories. I couldn’t even summersault when I was in primary school. To avoid having to, I told everyone the gym teacher made us do it because he was some sort of pedophile. Unfortunately, this strategy couldn’t […]

Dylan Reviews Chungus

  Hello Games has graced us with the greatest game of the year (read: life), with their immaculate genre bending game “Big Chungus”. What is there to say about this gaming experience that hasn’t already been said by other publications? What really drives “Big Chungus” in a different direction to other games is the way […]