There has recently been a great deal of discussion and commentary about Lonely Kids Club and our association with Jordan Shanks (FriendlyJordies). 

Lonely Kids Club is, and always has been, a mental health oriented brand. We truly live and breathe our brand values including inclusivity, authenticity, sustainability, being a supportive place for our community and behaving ethically. 

Recently, it’s been brought to our attention from a number of loyal followers that one of our collaborators has been making remarks on their own public channels that don’t align with the values of Lonely Kids Club. The volume of comments on our Facebook page and the emotion behind them could not be ignored by me or any of the Lonely Kids Club family. 

As many of you know, Lonely Kids Club has had a long term relationship with FriendlyJordies, almost from the birth of the brand. As the founder of Lonely Kids Club, myself and Jordan also have a personal relationship we’ve built from our time working together. As I’ve mentioned previously, Jordan has been instrumental in the survival of Lonely Kids Club, but also has brought many of our biggest fans and hugest brand advocates into the fold. And for that, we are truly thankful and grateful. 

However, it sometimes can come to a point in a relationship where we need to reevaluate what is important, and sticking by our brand values and creating an inclusive community is incredibly important to me. I take personal responsibility for the fact I’m not across the latest content coming from this particular collaborator, and for this I apologise to you all. I have set a number of wheels in motion to rectify this. 

In the past few days, I have had numerous lengthy conversations with Jordan about many of the issues you’ve addressed. We’ve tackled the big stuff you’ve all highlighted, including racism towards our First Nations peoples, transphobic comments and homophobic comments. Jordan point blank denies being the person he has been characterised as, and has personally apologised for many of his recent comments, I’ve really listened to your feedback and have taken it seriously. 

As such, Lonely Kids Club is going to take a little break from working with FriendlyJordies for the time being while I look into some of these things further. I’ll be the first to admit that I don’t know the content of Jordan’s videos and podcasts as well as some of you, so it’s important that I understand all of the facts and really educate myself on this. It’s not a frivolous matter to be taken lightly and I will ensure I give this the time and attention it deserves. 

In the meantime, while this occurs, we will be removing all FriendlyJordies stock from the Lonely Kids Club website, with the exception of three t-shirt designs, whereby 100% of the profits from each of these products  goes to charity. These have been vital tools in donating over $40,000 to wildlife charities WIRES Wildlife Rescue & Animal Rescue Cooperative, which has been something Jordan has been spearheading for years now. 

Finally, I want to reiterate that Lonely Kids Club is committed to living out our core values. We take this incredibly seriously and I want to assure you, as part of our much-loved community, that we will be taking stringent measures to ensure that we are working with partners and collaborators that are completely aligned with LKC. There is no doubt I appreciate your long term support and love for Lonely Kids Club and your complete passion for the brand and everything we stand for. 



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The fleece used in these track pants are so darn soft, I turn into a lazy egg when I wear them.
Would recommend for winter!

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Fun, minimal design, nice colours and overall great.
Reliable service and great material, as always.

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Great to have profits going to a nice cause and get a good shirt out of it!
There's a slight tradeoff for comfort over resolution: Because the picture is printed directly on the fabric, it breathes better than a "rubber print" but is a bit more blurry up close.

Hawaiian Holiday (Sand) Tank