LKC Mental Health Range 2020 Release

It’s been requested for a long time (Sorry it took so long – we get distracted when given more than 1 task), and we made it happen: A new Mental Health Awareness Range.

We tried achieving a similar aesthetic (Biggest word I’ll use all day) to our previous Mental Health Range back in 2018. But this time around wanted to try add some more elements to it, such as introducing shorts. A big focus this time was making all the colours work well across both the T-shirts and the shorts.

With our previous release, we raised money for headspace Bondi Junction, so for this release we reached out to a more local centre, and are raising money for headspace Chatswood.

The end result was eight new T-shirts, four new beach shorts, and two new jersey shorts. You can see the full range here.

Here’s some of my favourite looks from the photo-shoot:

– Warwick

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Loving Myself Mauve Premium Hood

Self Care Black Long Sleeve

Occult White Marle Track Pants

Table Premium Hood

Froggy Track Top Hoodie (Black)

Gladys Photoshop Competitio

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