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xmas and carrots


Fark I’ve been so stressed out trying to sort stuff out for the brand next year to take things up a level. I think this is the hardest thing I’ve ever done. But I have some big plans to take things up a notch my baes. But anyway this is good this is the time for giving. The other day I gave a homeless guy those pre-sliced carrot sticks from Coles because I felt bad that everyone else was ignoring him. He was so surprised he didn’t really know how to reply. I guess no one’s given him sliced (and washed) carrots at any point in his life up until now. Anyway I dunno why I’m thinking about carrots but if you get baby carrots and a tub of hummus it’s really just the pinnacle of being a live human being. Or maybe that’s just a jewish thing. It can be my version of Christmas. Carrots and hummus for all the children. What a potentially bittersweet moment in their lives. But for real happy holidays everyone ily xoxo


– Lonely Kids Club

Be Yourself


This was a FB Post I made a while ago but I think still really important and worth posting up somewhere more permanent:

That whole concept of being jealous of others is bullshit because you’re comparing your negatives to someone else’s perceived positives which is totally imbalanced in the first place because they have their own shit too as they’re humans and if you looked at the fuller picture you’d probably feel a lot better about yourself anyway. Also a lot of my friends in their 20’s have been freaking out about their lives recently – don’t worry about it you’re in your 20’s (or if you’re younger this applies too) this is your time to be young and have fun and experience things. You have the whole rest of your life to have strong concern about earning significant money and worry about shit. I know it’s super hard but maybe try to stop, and think about the fact that you live in this beyond amazing country, and you have your health (hopefully) which is more than many, and if you wanted to you could go buy sushi on the weekend and sit in the park and read like you’re fucking royalty. Seriously, life’s too short to spend it worrying non-stop about the future because there’s so many variables you don’t know about and you’re better off just enjoying the now because that’s the thing you’ll end up regretting later.

Just be happy to be yourself


– Lonely Kids Club

Show and Tell


Aha I was the most useless kid who left everything to the last second. I’m like that now and was like that then. It was almost an art how bad I was at doing things. The origin of my love of Kinder Surprises goes back to “show and tell” day back in Kindergarten. We had to bring something to show every Wednesday and EVERY time I had to do one I forgot about it and made my mum take me to get a Kinder Surprise before school started that morning. So I’d end up either bringing in a Kinder Surprise toy after losing a weekly debate to let me take my dog to school. But that was a real gamble of course because what if I got the same one as an earlier week? But that was just a risk I took because I was a total boss like that. Oh man one time when my mum wouldn’t take me because of traffic so I literally showed them a rock. In hindsight I have no idea why they didn’t call child services up about me. And don’t get me started on Homework. Just didn’t happen m8.


– Lonely Kids Club