Dad Jokes


I went to dinner with my dad Cecil the other night and was busting out so many dad jokes like a champ. He always wears a Lonely Kids Club jumper without anything printed on it by his request. So Talia commented that his jumper was different to the other jumpers I make and I said it was a special edition because his one has the Cecil on the inside instead of the outside. Aw yeah. He’ll always be the king though. His best ever moment was at Shabbat dinner one time, which is like a dinner we do every Friday night. So we’re all standing there and my step mum is about to light the candles and he slyly looks up and says “Didn’t we do this last week?” and everyone just looks away awkwardly while trying to avoid eye contact. It was like the perfect dad joke. I hear dads go their whole lives trying to reach that level. It was a rare sight indeed. One day I’ll get there. One day.


– Lonely Kids Club

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Perfectly ridiculous... perfectly perfect!

This is 100% going to be my autumn/ winter go to jumper. It's comfy, and the print is hilarious... I'm a little bit in love!

Not bad

Heaps good quality but I thought the logo was gonna be a main piece not off to the side


It is the perfect size and the perfect print. Made from great durable fabric it is my new favourite bag.

A little bit of a bummer

I was a little bit bummed with this shirt, to be honest. The printing looks a bit dodgy and there’s a thin white border around the image where it appears to have been cropped imperfectly, while the image itself isn’t as high-res as the other shirts I bought at the same time. It looks like it’s just a screenshot of the scene blown up and not the best quality unfortunately!

I never thought I would see this on a tshirt, but am so happy I have

LKC clothes are choice, always what you expect - nice fit, soft fabric, print lasts well with multiple wears and washes. Love this T-shirt