Kids in Cafes


I go to this café for lunch sometimes near my work and there are always these swarms of mothers having the most mundane conversations about cooking and K-Mart while their kids run around screaming as loud as possible and everyone tries to ignore it. I’m all for learning more about how we can cut the cost of living but it just makes me less excited about being in my 30’s. I have no idea why I’ve decided I’m going to be a stay at home mother when I’m older but I think it’s pretty locked in. I’d play on my laptop all day and take my papillions for long walks and teach my children how to play Nintendo 64. I’m legit an avid Nintendo 64 game collector. Just today I bought some new genuine controllers and Snowboard Kids. I’m eyeing off Mario Party 2 but it’s like $95. How fucked is that. Fucking eBay. What was I talking about again? Oh right. Yeah my café is fucking loud.


– Lonely Kids Club

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