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Oh man thanks so much to everyone who’s jumped on to support the new range thus far. Because it’s now being sent by Rachelle in Melbourne, she’s actually ready to send out the first batch already (I usually take about 3 weeks). Having someone make the clothes AND send them simplifies the process times a billion. The only thing stopping her is I haven’t sent her a batch of drawings yet and I’m so determined to keep that going. So I’m now delaying all your orders cos I draw too slow. If that’s not carrying on my legacy of slow shipping I don’t know what is. But I’m working on it and will try jump ahead and get a few books full of drawings to her over the next few weeks so you can all enjoy super-fast shipping. Anyway omg can we please talk about these new LKC jackets. Do you know how long it took to organise all that printed fabric, vintage fabric, come up with that Kinder Surprise idea then source toys. Also it took ages afterwards to find a really soft fabric to go inside. Haha it’s genuinely the most satisfying thing being able to see it as the finished product for the photo shoot. Absolutely dying to see it on someone on Instagram. I keep checking the #lonelykidsclub feed on Instagram even though we haven’t actually sent any out yet. It’s like obsessively checking if the person you wanna talk to on MSN is online in high school all over again.

– Lonely Kids Club

Men’s Bathroom


Men’s bathrooms are so fucking awkward I don’t know why they don’t make playing music in them as a legal requirement. It would solve so many problems. Right now the ambience is the sound of men coughing and making pooping sounds and we all just to pretend we can’t hear anyone else while we stare into the abyss of our phones. The only thing right about them is how efficient men are at peeing  quickly in close proximity to each other. While at events women will be stuck waiting in lines for ages to use the bathroom men just walk in and urinate and walk out (Preferably after washing their hands but idk) and it opens up more time to be munted or whatever. I don’t know I sort of stopped going to music festivals tbh. I’m slowly getting back into going to gigs but my ears hurt and for some reason I can’t comprehend the idea of just buying earphones. It’s weird. Maybe I could use them in the bathroom and solve two problems at once.


– Lonely Kids Club

Green Lips


So my first day out in San Fran was pretty weird. I was out in a place called The Mission (Which was pretty happening) and walking down the sidewalk. Innocent enough. My girlfriend passed me her handbag to hold so she can put on a jacket or something and while I’m holding this dude yells “Is that your husband or a faggot?” and I was just like whoah and turned around and it was this dude not wearing any pants with green lip-stick and a general strange look. I’m just so fucking slow in those sorts of situations. I’m like that scene where Homer gets called slow and then realizes it hours later and Lenny finds him while going to get a late night snack. Nick however, doesn’t have such a problem and yelled back probably the most memorable line of my whole USA trip, “Fuck off you green-lipped cunt.” The guy then ran off and did this jump / stretch thing which resulted in all of us seeing his arse in entirety. I then made the realization that he was talking to me when he yelled. Next time I’ll yell back something witty like “Well the jerk store called, and they said they’re running out of YOU.” Yeah. That’ll show him. New Seinfeld pocket tees dropping in the new range on the 23rd of May. How smooth was that. George pocket tee confirmed btw.


– Lonely Kids Club