Ohhh man I had the biggest case of trying to just be nice in a situation and having it backfire the other night. I was at a house party and off my face and saw a figure behind me walk by and it was around 1:30AM (no lockouts tho cheers bazza) by this point so for no valid reason (none felt needed) I turned around and was like “Hey I’m Warwick” and this dude was like “Yes Warwick, we’ve met about 20 times now” and that was a pretty intense response. Despite that, I legit had no idea who he was. Even worse, I was far too inebriated to do anything about it by this point. So, somewhat confusingly, I responsed “Oh that’s cool man, I can’t hold you accountable.” So obviously he was like “Wait, what would I be accountable?” so I went “Yeah I meant I would be accountable” and so he was like oh okay so I sorta just yell mumbled (when you’re sorta yelling but sorta mumbling) WELL GLAD WE GOT THAT SORTED and turned around and was like well fuck that happens to me way too often but I didn’t realise he was STILL there for me saying that. Urgh what a mess. It does happen to me all the time though. It’s why I don’t introduce myself to people anymore. Too many risks involved. I’d rather just call everyone bruh. Yeah. No worries bruh.


– Lonely Kids Club

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Best T ever

Bought this for my best friend and she wears it all the time. She won't take it off.

Love it

The fabric was very soft and comfy the design is great I would definitely recommend getting all four designs for yourself

Great shirt!

Love the Four Rorts tee.


Such a beautiful tee! The design is too cute and the shirt is so so soft. Get so many compliments on it. Buy it. You'll be happier I promise.


My Rortswear shirt was great quality- perfect fit