I sort of never properly learned how to ride a bike. My dad tried teaching me but I refused to continue without training wheels, and he refused to let me continue using the bike without them and this stand-off never quite resolved. Also I realized I didn’t need training wheels to play on my super Nintendo so I just did that instead. I got thrown back into the whole bike thing when I was around 21 and we went to Europe and did a bike tour of Berlin but every time there was any sort of pole on the footpath I’d manage to go straight into the pole and fall over. Just fuck bikes in general. And those people who ride their bikes on the road just terrify me. The idea of just riding it without falling over is already an idea I wouldn’t feel comfortable committing too. If I’m on the road travelling I like to be encased in a strong metal structure to ensure my safety. I have the absolutely no attention span. Even writing this post was difficult for me and it was like 190 words.

– Lonely Kids Club

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