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Oh man I was getting ready for work today and realised I left my jeans in my car, which was parked on the street. So I rushed out wearing a button-up shirt and dodgy gym shorts holding my shoes and wallet and as I was walking up the street this dude says to me “Big night last night eh?” and I said back “yeah man I was working on some music and watching Bob’s Burgers it was rad” and he just sorta looked confused and I was like super chuffed that this dude was showing so much interest in my life. But then it suddenly hit me hours later while I was eating a sandwich that it looked a lot like I was doing a runner from someone’s house after canoodling with a lady friend or something. Eitherway I guess it’s still a compliment that I look like the sort of people who would do that sort of thing. Especially on a Monday morning. What a boss. Rad.

Anyway hey huge sale still happening, I just want to count all the stock properly first so I can make sure I don’t over-sell items cos a lot of stuff is really low already. I’ll get to it soon I swear. No more bob’s burgers til I do. That’s totally a lie, but legit im on the case.


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Pickle Tee
Absolutely Done Dillin' With it!

I love this shirt!! I saw it months ago and my name being Dill, it's a perfect fit!! Thanks heaps Warwick & LKC :)

Comfy jumper

The print is fun and it is really comfortable and cozy for the cold months.

Loved it!

Only thing I would change is the size of the printed face (Ideally larger) but beyond that, fast service, great brand and great gift for furparents :)

Slush Pig Tee
James Anderson

Slush Pig Tee

Create Your Own Pet Tee