New Zealand

Hey everyone, as a bit of 
#realtalk I’ve been feeling a bit lost lately with how to run Lonely Kids Club. A lot of things have gone wrong for the label in the past few months behind the scenes, and I’m finding I have less and less time to do everything such as send out orders and promote the brand.

When I started working on Lonely Kids Club I was in a really bad place, and in a lot of ways the brand really turned my life around. I’m definitely going to return the favour here so I’m not quitting the brand, or going to let things start going downhill. Instead, I’m flying to New Zealand tomorrow, and driving from Christchurch to Queenstown / wherever and stopping along the way with no real plans or accommodation booked. I guess much like the brand right now i’m going to just get lost and find my way back on track.

While I’m gone I’m going work out how to get things running smoothly again and make sure Lonely Kids Club has another huge year in 2015. I’ve already got some ideas in my head but just need some time and space to pen them down.

Thanks so much to everyone who’s ever bought a T-shirt, sent a nice email, or even just mentioned the brand to a friend in a FB chat conversation. In a lot of ways you’re just as important to the brand as I am.

I know I’ll never have the resources or marketing budget of one of those huge online clothing stores, but to hell with it. LKC has soul. It’s the Nintendo 64 to their Xbox One & Playstation 4. I dunno about you guys, but I’d take Smash Bros 64 over any new release games any day.

Anyway I digress. I’ll see you all on the other side. Have a safe NYE and expect a crazy big 2015 from your friends at Lonely Kids Club.

 <3 Warwick, Winston & the Mo’ Money Mo’ Pizza Cat

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Best T ever

Bought this for my best friend and she wears it all the time. She won't take it off.

Love it

The fabric was very soft and comfy the design is great I would definitely recommend getting all four designs for yourself

Great shirt!

Love the Four Rorts tee.


Such a beautiful tee! The design is too cute and the shirt is so so soft. Get so many compliments on it. Buy it. You'll be happier I promise.


My Rortswear shirt was great quality- perfect fit