Late Post So Edgy


Hey sorry about last week I just wanted to change things up and try talking for once. Hopefully haven’t made all these blog posts feel awks now cos you’re reading it in my voice and if you are slow down and relax cos I talk way too fast and this must seem overwhelming to you right now. I can’t believe this year is over already. I legitimately don’t think I threw up this year. Yeah I totally didn’t. That must mean I’m becoming an adult. I still deal with situations like shit though. Just the other day I went out to dinner and it was okay – really slow service and they forgot my rice.  I needed that rice. Anyway I went up to pay and they did some weird thing with the card reader so it offered me to tip first but I thought it was time to enter my pin code so started typing it but only realised after I hit ‘1’ so clicked enter. So I kind of accidently left them a 1c tip. So she obviously looked up at me as to say who’s this cheap asshole and I then freaked out and winked back at her. I was like “ hey there, that asshole is me ;) ”. If that’s not the definition of creepy as fuck than I don’t know what is. I haven’t gone back either. Still dealing with it well I guess. Hey have an amazing end of year everyone. Fuck this year has gone by fast.


– Lonely Kids Club

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