Trivia Night


I had the strangest night last Thursday. I was sitting with my laptop watching Veronica Mars and had recently gotten angry because I finally got an email but it was from GetUp. I mean I’m all for GetUp but for some reason I was basing my entire self-validation at that point on if I got a personal email sent to me in that space of time or not. Anyway a friend messaged saying come to trivia at the leagues club which I figured I was about 20 years too young for but then I was like fuck it I don’t receive emails anymore maybe this is my life now.  So I say I’m going and get there and buzz him to find out he’s half an hour away. Also he needs me to sign the team up. So there I am playing trivia by myself surrounded by tables of old people and one other group of under-30s, and to top it all off the guy running the trivia kept coming to give me tips and smiled and said “it’s okay” when I told him my friends were coming later. He honest to god didn’t believe me. Just to prove this situation was real here’s a photo my friend took when she came to grab a T-shirt.


My friends arrived and despite him giving me all the answers we still managed to lose. Moral of the story TV and pizza in bed always wins.

– Lonely Kids Club

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Thanks LKC and Michael West

Excellent quality print and shirt (like my other LKC shirt). Love repping my boy Michael West!


The absolute best cap to wear when you want everyone to leave u alone

chill spooky vibes

wear this shirt all the time like im a mf cartoon character love it. breathable yet thick and soft.

Seinfeld Thrasher Black Tee

Very happy

Good quality, no shrinkage in a hot wash, love it