Weird Facebook Posts


Every now and then I’ll write really strange status updates on the LKC page and just leave them there just to tempt myself not to click while at work. I don’t even know why. It’s like this weird stupid game I play with myself. But there’s no winner. Just like underage drinking. Actually I only wrote that because some cop show is on TV. Why are there so many fucking cop shows on TV. There really only needs to be one. Anyway this is one I had on my desktop for ages:


hey guys, so there’s no easy way to say this so i may as well just be open about it as it does change the future of lonely kids club and might change how you feel about me as well. i’m actually zayne from one direction. this whole project is just what i do while bored on tour. i make most of my status updates while using the bathroom after a performance. i call it my post show poop. i just wanted a second direction to express myself with. one isn’t enough. anyway look it doesnt have to be awkward we can just go back to using my persona of warwick now, who was actually created by old mate simon cowell. simon thought it’s a non-threatening name. but it feels really good to finally come out and be honest about myself. next week’s blog post – getting blazed with 16 year old fan girls and raging at TMZ #420blazeit

That’s why every now and then the weirdest updates will appear on the page, just as an fyi. Not that anyone sees them anymore, Facebook is fucking me over big time. If 15% of my Facebook followers see my post without my paying them for it, I take it as a victory now. Not even exaggerating. Ah well. I guess I can always live tweet. New LKC cop TV show live tweet sesh’s starting next week.


– Lonely Kids Club

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chill spooky vibes

wear this shirt all the time like im a mf cartoon character love it. breathable yet thick and soft.

Seinfeld Thrasher Black Tee

Very happy

Good quality, no shrinkage in a hot wash, love it

Steezy yet pleazy

I feel like a boss when I wear my lonely kids club Seinfeld hoodie. Obviously the quality is fab, But also it’s unique and makes me stand out and look great.
Love your stuff- keep up the good work and looking forward to my next purchase!

FuBin Good Quality

The shirt is made with a nice light fabric and the acid wash adds a nice effect to the tone of shirt. The print is high quality. The size (M) was a good fit for myself (5'9 and medium build). Warwick is also a lad and goes above and beyond for his customers.