I’m Terrible at Life


The other day I was on my phone and I walked into a wall. This isn’t even the worst I’ve done this year. Earlier I was staying at my girlfriend’s house and wearing a onesie, and I came out of the bathroom in the morning and her dad said hello. So I like jumped up to say hello for some reason and slammed my foot into the corner of a wall so hard that I broke my baby toe. So I proceeded to scream FUCK and then hopped back into my girlfriend’s room. That was the impression I left for her dad. He would have seen me come out of the bathroom in a very colourful onesie, jump into a wall, scream fuck and then hop away again. All before 9AM. I learned in my earlier years that I’m terrible at being single, but it’s good to know I’m also terrible at being in a relationship.


– Lonely Kids Club

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