Boy Problems


So like I’m pretty good at helping people with personal issues such as break-ups and all that. I like to think I can be the friend that’s always there. Just the other day my friend Steph said she was feeling down because she messed up with a boy. I asked what happened and she said it was a case of bad timing and bad decisions. Being the super relatable friend I am I explained I went through pretty much the exact same thing a week earlier. A bump emerged behind my ear and I thought it was a pimple so I tried squeezing it really hard but it ended up just really hurting. It wasn’t quite a pimple yet, and I shouldn’t have been trying to squeeze it so aggressively. This was the same combination of being a bad decision, and bad timing. The only real difference was that while her pain was long-term and emotional, mine was short-term and more physical. Pretty much the same thing tbh. She said “gtg” and left the conversion, I think what she really meant to say was “Thank you Warwick, I hope you pop your pimple and I rectify matters with my boy. But I feel so much happier now.” That’s just the sort of guy I am. Good luck Steph – And know that the bump went away. It wasn’t even a pimple it was just a weird little bump. But in regards to your boy problems should try move past it, because life’s little bumps always heal if you let them.


– Warwick

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