Old plane


Man I was on this flight back from New Zealand yesterday and it was the oldest flight ever. The man next to me was so old that when I said “everyone looks like ants from here” prior to the plane taking off he looked out the window and agreed with me. Even worse, when the plane landed they were so slow to move out that I started watching an episode of Friends and finished the whole episode before I was even able to get up to get up to get my bag etc. I wasn’t even at the back. Could they BE any slower (Chandler is god). No but seriously I’ve never seen so many old people in one place. I felt like we were on our way to a Financial Review convention. Also speaking of things that are fucking boring I tried watching the new Godzilla movie and absolutely nothing happens. Couldn’t make it halfway through. My break from the movie to use the bathroom was more thrilling. I wasn’t sure if the flush button was going to work or how loud it would be. Also there could have been a whole line of old people waiting. There would be no way to know. Fucking exciting times. I kind of don’t like flying. Also there wasn’t one single movie featuring Nicolas Cage. What a joke. At least something happens in his movies. Love you NC.


– Lonely Kids Club

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