Not White


Someone asked me the other night why I don’t really grow my beard out anymore, because I used to do it pretty frequently. I was actually walking back from the gym one night a few months back wearing trackies, a hoodie etc, and I had my beard at its peak of growth. Along with this whole thing I also had my hair all out everywhere but anyway I was walking back and this woman and her child were walking towards me. When the women saw me, she grabbed her child, and forced her across the road with her. I think at the time I just laughed it off because theyre going out of their way to avoid someone who can barely win a fight against a huntsman without screaming and hiding behind a door, but holy shit that it actually happened hey. I think that was the point I accepted that I’m officially not white. Well shit. I don’t know if I can order taxis at night anymore or listen to Smooth FM and get away with it. Dammit my life is falling apart already.


– Lonely Kids Club

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