I played soccer for like 6 years and the whole time I never had the balls to make one tackle. I would just run up and down chasing people around the field without doing anything. I would have looked like a lost puppy running around. I was similarly bad in basketball. I think my team letter was the G’s. Do you know how many letters there are in the alphabet before G? Like 6. I double-checked. And we still lost sometimes. We occasionally played teams that could barely bounce a ball. Sport was so depressing. The only time I ever achieved was this one time we did a “beep” test where we had to run from one line to another before a beep went and maybe from all my previous experience with running I ended up on my own running back and fourth for ages by myself after the rest of my PE group dropped out. It was that ONE moment everyone was like “nice one dude!” Ah. Approval from my peers. That was a sweet, sweet moment in my 12 years of running around trying to throw and/or catch a ball.


– Lonely Kids Club

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Pickle Tee
Absolutely Done Dillin' With it!

I love this shirt!! I saw it months ago and my name being Dill, it's a perfect fit!! Thanks heaps Warwick & LKC :)

Comfy jumper

The print is fun and it is really comfortable and cozy for the cold months.

Loved it!

Only thing I would change is the size of the printed face (Ideally larger) but beyond that, fast service, great brand and great gift for furparents :)

Slush Pig Tee
James Anderson

Slush Pig Tee

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