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  I played soccer for like 6 years and the whole time I never had the balls to make one tackle. I would just run up and down chasing people around the field without doing anything. I would have looked like a lost puppy running around. I was similarly bad in basketball. I think my […]

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Finally Got A Boyfriend

I reviewed the wrong item. Regardless, both are great items. Got this cause I have a boyfriend to pair this with now

Finally Got A Boyfriend

I've bought the boyfriend hoodie a couple years back and I've been waiting to be in a relationship. 2 yrs later I'm finally there. Happy there was still stock for the hoodie. Now we couple goals ✌️✌️

Very cute

My wife loves it. Bought it as a surprise. She says it is very comfortable and loves it almost as she loves dogs.

Quality shirt

Brilliant shirt, great feel and has quickly become a favourite

Eyelashes beyond belief

Bought it for my partner as an anniversary present, and she absolutely adores it! Everything from the sly look of the dog to the message is just incredible