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I played soccer for like 6 years and the whole time I never had the balls to make one tackle. I would just run up and down chasing people around the field without doing anything. I would have looked like a lost puppy running around. I was similarly bad in basketball. I think my team letter was the G’s. Do you know how many letters there are in the alphabet before G? Like 6. I double-checked. And we still lost sometimes. We occasionally played teams that could barely bounce a ball. Sport was so depressing. The only time I ever achieved was this one time we did a “beep” test where we had to run from one line to another before a beep went and maybe from all my previous experience with running I ended up on my own running back and fourth for ages by myself after the rest of my PE group dropped out. It was that ONE moment everyone was like “nice one dude!” Ah. Approval from my peers. That was a sweet, sweet moment in my 12 years of running around trying to throw and/or catch a ball.


– Lonely Kids Club

Cherry Popping


Well shit this is the FIRST post ever made on the new website. I’m popping its blog cherry. Now I’m feeling nervous. Maybe I’ll get overwhelmed and get performance anxiety and not be able to finish (this blog post). It happens. Let’s just move past it. It’s not you clearly I’m just going through some things. Uh anyway I really need to thank some people who put time & work into making this happen. First of all the website was built by longtime label fan Lex. When I was having problems with the old site I decided it needed an upgrade and my dad wanted me to get a whole agency involved but my feels (I always trust the feels) were telling me to go with Lex instead (We talked on FB chat a couple times it seemed legit) and she totally nailed it. Also all these photos were taken by Jocelyn. The girl is so talented. She does crazy good photos and a range wouldn’t be the same without her. Lastly we have Miki. She’s been there since the very first shoot and makes the whole process so much more fun and natural. Plus she looks stunning. Sometimes it makes it awks for me cos she looks like a model and I look like metrosexual terrorist. Anyway last of all a huge thank you to everyone who’s supported this project so far. You’ve all been so kind and loyal and it’s just amazing. It’s been such a journey since dropping out of a construction degree to try launch a “t-shirt website”. I still remember doing this one day ‘how to run a t-shirt label course’ at Sydney Community College (Yes that’s actually a thing) about four years ago. I always wonder if anyone else in that class ever started one too. Anyway it’s pretty rad that this is alive and well all these years later. Thanks for sticking around – I hope you dig the new website and range as much as I do.

P.S Click the #lonelykidsclub at the top of the page – it’s a little surprise we snuck in.

– Lonely Kids Club

Final New Range Prep


Whoah everything I’ve been working on for so long now is finally going to drop this Saturday. The website I’ve been planning out from scratch (We’re rebuilding it so it runs smoothly and looks super snazzy) the new range which is my favourite thing ever right now and finally making Winston feel at home with the label. Also you’re going to love the website it’s really clean and simple but I added all these sneaky little surprises on it and objects that pop up when you scroll over various things because I wanted something which was polished but also quirky. Like my old desert boots I had to throw away recently. Also remember to get on it when the range drops on Saturday, everything is Limited Edition (I don’t know why I capitlised that it looks like the name of a Christian Rock band now) so some things might sell out super fast and there won’t be any restocks on things like simpsons pocket tees or the fire-fighting dog stuff. It’s more special to those who snap them up that way. So sit tight, count down the days, and get ready for a brand new slicker than ever Lonely Kids Club. Except for the labels. I totally fucked up and forgot to order new ones so they’ll all still have Cecil on them. Haha I had ONE job to do. No one say anything. Let’s not make this weird. Also hey less than 2 weeks until the launch party too. Get on that if you haven’t already.


– Lonely Kids Club