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So my beard has kind of gotten crazy big. Part of me wants to shave it off ASAP and another part wants to grow it for another week then try walk across the harbour bridge in a hoodie and trackpants. Just to see what happens. I’m like three weeks past “random security check” status at Sydney Airport. I’ve mastered the art of how much stubble is acceptable before they pick you to harass. I always tell them when they start doing it too. They don’t really know how to respond when you explain they picked you because you have a beard and show them the Facebook status update you made about 20 minutes earlier predicting the situation to prove it. Picking up someone from the airport isn’t much better. It’s like $20 to park your car for 15 minutes and purchase a small burnt coffee. That could have bought me like (nearly) 1 movie ticket to see a movie in 3D so it’s the same experience but my eyes fucking hurt. As does my nose. I wish they made the glasses Jew friendly. We wouldn’t pay more for them though. Anyway something actually worth investing in would be my good friend Josh’s Pozible campaign. Him and I had a pretty huge media campaign set up for the next range but unfortunately he had to go to hospital to get a tumor removed which is a massive bummer. But he turned the whole thing into a positive experience by focusing on his crazy good short film. Also I voice a puppet in the trailer. Go check it out. I’m making some limited edition Tees for it. I’m also making him a song for while he is recovering to help get him through the whole thing. He’s the best. Oh also I SHOULD be picking up most of the new range gear in the next few days and doing the photoshoot this weekend. I legit can’t wait. I’ll sneak a photo on instagram. @lonelykidsclub69. Not even joking.


– Lonely Kids Club


Sorry I really need to get my shit together and start giving Angie some proper notice to get these drawings happening again.

New Range Deets


The latest range really came about because I’ve been thinking so much about what I genuinely like to wear myself and honestly on a brisk day I love nothing more than some skinny jeans, black Nike free runners & a comfy jumper. Or maybe swap the Nikes for desert boots, and the jumper for a button-up shirt & parka jacket. I feel like whenever I’ve made what I genuinely like and believe in, everyone have gotten behind it so that’s been the primary focus for this range. To start with we have the classic comfy jumpers, and some new slightly “trendier” ones to wear out and about at box socials etc. I’ve also got a crazy rad varsity jacket and jumper that are super comfortable and literally feature dogs in firefighter uniforms. Yeah. They might sell-out first. I had fun with that one. Next in the range we have snazzy parka jackets that I think are just the bomb. I fixed up the pockets and re-structured the hood as well. I made one super trendy with a tropical inner lining, and one super funky and crazy because I think LKC walks the boarder between both and I love it and embrace it. For whatever reason I haven’t really been digging printed tees as much as usual recently, so for this range kept the tees restricted to just the Simpsons pocket tees, because I want to wear my cherished 90’s nostalgia on me in a nice subtle way and truthfully I can’t wait to finish having them hand-sewn. I’ve also swapped these tees up so they’re a slightly looser fitting and a little thicker so everyone will be set this winter. This will be one of my favourite ranges to date, and I feel my most refined with the brand thus far. Thanks so much to everyone for sticking around so far and letting me continue to do this, without having to sell out on any of my principles. I’ll never stop pushing myself to make something really amazing for you guys. And remember that if you ever want anything, you can always email me or message me or whatever. I always reply. Oh also you can expect the range to drop early May.


Double also, I just announced the winter range launch party, it’s going to be happening at OAF Gallery again on the 16th of May and you can RSVP to by clicking anywhere hereeeeee. Also thanks to everyone who already has – I’m stoked it already has over 100 people going.


– Lonely Kids Club

Perfect Subway Sandwich


Okay so we always start off with classic chicken, it’s just the best one because their schnitzel one is fucking weird and more expensive. Generally always opt for wholemeal bread, as it’s the only one that tastes like real bread. Next, ask for marinara sauce and mozzarella cheese. They literally don’t even display the mozzarella. As soon as you ask for it they’ll know you’re legit. Customers around you may look in awe. Now get that shit toasted. Next, ask for salad ingredients. One at a time. It’s a rookie mistake to ask for all at once, they just throw it all on in skimpy portions. If you do one at a time they don’t know how much to give you to fill the sandwich best so you just get lots of everything. Also it’s easier to ask for more of any ingredient. Like another piece of carrot to compliment the 4 shreds they applied on your lettuce. They look like little orange decorations. Go light on the salt and pepper, let the mozzarella and marinara combination do its thing. Now you have a huge sandwich for lunch, which is what their mediocre chicken schnitzel fails to be, plus it’s only like $9.95. Snap. You’ll be more fresh than Will Smith in the 90’s.

NOTE: Yeah so I went to Subway today.


– Lonely Kids Club