The Rebound


Yeah so continuing off that last story I went on a ski trip soon after to boost my shattered self-esteem and ended up meeting a girl while away who I started dating soon after we both got back. I began feeling all claustrophobic and overwhelmed by the situation pretty quickly though. This all sorta built up and resulted in me going out one night and having this whole weird experience with a Swedish girl that involved a bath and candles and overall strange vibes. I don’t even know. It was a weird time. Lets not dwell on it. Anyway so afterwards I met up with the girl I was supposed to be dating at uni and said I wanted to break up and she said me too so it all worked out perfectly. She was organizing to meet me there for the same reason. All it ever seems to take is a couple days without texting. Afterwards we met back up with my friend and his girlfriend. It turned out my friend’s girlfriend and my newly-found ex both lived in the same area so they got a bus together while my friend and I went home seperately. So anyway I’m heading home and get a text to the effect of “omg you cheated on me fuck you” from my newly-angered ex and I was like wait what. Then it hit me. For no particular reason, my friend’s girlfriend took it upon herself to tell this girl I cheated on her just to start trouble or whatever. Supposedly she said “So how did you take it that he cheated on you?” or something. We had only been dating for like 3 weeks, but I guess that’s still like 22 weeks in dog years. I really miss having a dog.

Anyway before I could do anything about it my friend already began justifying her actions to me about how it’s not her fault and these things happen. It elevated quickly. So I then called his girlfriend up wondering why this all happened and her explanation was among the lines of “she was going to find out eventually anyway” and that was it. The only thing was we didn’t actually have any mutual friends. The argument had about as much logic behind it as Barry O’Farrell’s vague attempts at tackling alcohol-related violence. Anyway it kind of worked out in that everyone got over it so I guess it’s all good. It’s insane how much drama I used to get myself into when I was younger. It’s like my life was just one giant real life MSN conversation.

– Lonely Kids Club

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